Amazing Ways On How To Get Paid For Blogging On WordPress

Are you curious about how people make money with their WordPress blogs? More and more, entrepreneurs and business owners are making money online. With the latest technology, it is now easier than ever for people without technical skills to make a blog that makes money. The following are some of the proven ways on how to get paid for blogging on WordPress. The blogging starts with the WordPress blog setup. You can find several video tutorials on YouTube to learn installing WordPress on a WebHost.

Create an Affiliate Store

Nowadays, you can build your online store easily. In fact, you do not have to deal with the cost, burden, and time of selling physical products. One of the best options is to build an Amazon affiliate store. In this case, you ought to promote Amazon’s products on your blog. Whenever your website visitors purchase products through your links, you get to earn a commission. This is a great method if you receive a lot of traffic.

Display Ads

This is another great method of making money blogging on WordPress. In this case, you only place the ads on your blog for visitors to see or click on. Fortunately, there are many ad networks such as Google AdSense you can partner with. You make money whenever your site visitors click or see ads that are displayed by Google on your site.

Sell an eCourse

If a person loves your services or products, they are likely to be interested in learning more. Thus, if you have some great tricks and tips to share on whatever you blog about, your audience may be ready to purchase an eCourse from you. Online courses are easy to create with plugins.

Accept Sponsored Content

Although most bloggers accent content for free, you can charge for sponsored content. Remember that your site needs to be large enough and receiving adequate traffic to be worth it. The truth is that accepting guest posts will save you a lot of time getting content for your site and make more money.

Grow an Email List

This is another great tip for making money blogging on WordPress. As you may have heard, money is in the list. The truth is that about 70% of people who get to your website will never return. Thus, getting an email is quite important. You can use pop-ups to collect emails. There are some plugins that can easily collect your visitor’s email without annoying visitors. For instance, you can have a pop up appear as the visitor is about to leave your site.

Sell Freelance Services

Another great way of making money blogging is to highlight your skills and offer freelance services. Ideally, you can put a “Hire Me” page where you highlight your skills. If you are good at your niche, you can offer to consult on it. Maybe you are great at blog writing and copywriting; your website is a perfect place where you can offer the services.